eLearning Games: 5 Facts That Will Impress Your Boss

Return On Investment. Skills Improvement. These kind of words are the ones that your boss is looking for. However, they might not know the last solutions and technologies that could help them reach their objectives; here are 5 outstanding facts about eLearning games that will definitely impress them.

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How To Impress Your Boss With eLearning Games

While classical eLearning modules are still valuable and solid, employees and learners in general start getting fed-up with it. Mostly because of its lack of interactivity and storytelling. That is when eLearning games come into play. This kind of training is gaining popularity: It enables trainers to add interactivity and storytelling to the online training, and thus to fight against boredom.

They are able to put learners at the center of the training module, to make them interact with their environment, and make decisions. Below are 5 outstanding facts about eLearning games.

1. eLearning Games Are Cost Effective.

20 years ago, you had to contract with an agency in order to develop your own serious games. It was time consuming and expensive. Sometimes, you might not even have the expected results, because we all know how difficult it is to get understood by someone else, and make them craft the end result we are waiting for.

This is not the case anymore. Now, you have the choice. By getting your own serious game authoring tool, you can create your eLearning games easily, quickly, and really inexpensively. You just have to make a one-time investment to get the tool, and you are good to go. A serious game authoring tool will enable you to create as many eLearning games as you want, as many time as you want. Moreover, if you were only using classroom training before, you will save a lot of money as well. Think about it for a second. When you are setting up a classroom training, you have a lot of additional costs to take into account, such as:

  • Travel costs.
  • Hotels.
  • Lunches.

Not to mention the time and energy wasted by employees who would have to reach the headquarters from all around the world, to attend the training. Thanks to eLearning games, your learners will be able to attend the training whenever they want, from wherever they want, as many time as they want.

2. eLearning Games Are Easy And Quick To Setup.

Very often, our leads tend to make the same objection when it comes to serious games: “eLearning games are very interesting, but we do not have the technical skills and time to develop it properly”. While it might have been true for a long time, this is not the case anymore.

With the arrival of new serious game authoring tools, such as ITyStudio, you actually can make your serious game development pretty quickly and easily. Its intuitive interface and drag and drop system will blow you away.

You will find below a screenshot of a branching scenario created with this tool:

ITyStudio features: scenario tree

It is also very easy to setup the graphical environments: Ready-made content in 2D & 3D have already been designed for you. All you have to do is clicking on the one you want to use, and you are good to go.

ITyStudio: 2D ready-made content library

ITyStudio: 3D ready-made content library

3. eLearning Games Are Engaging.

Another great challenge that our leads are facing is to engage their audience. What we discovered recently is that learners are fed-up with classical eLearning modules, which are linear and do not propose much interactivity. That is the reason why their engagement rate is pretty low in average. That is when eLearning games come into play. By putting your learners at the core of the training, they will engage more easily. With characters, storytelling, the possibility to make choices and interact with their environment, your learners will feel more concerned and empowered.

Think about it. Have you ever attended a lesson when the teacher was speaking about a complicated topic for 3 hours, without any interaction? Pretty hard to stay focused, right? Well, when you design a classical eLearning module, with a lot of information and no interaction, the same phenomenon happens. Now, have you ever attended a lesson when the teacher was making you participate in the learning process, and adding storytelling to his course? Suddenly, the long 3 hours of course become 3 funny hours during which you retain the information because you stay focused on the topic.

This is exactly what eLearning games are all about.

ITyStudio: 2D characters

ITyStudio: 3D characters

4. eLearning Games Are Accountable.

You might often hear your boss asking: “What was the ROI of your training?”. With classroom training, this is pretty hard to bring a clear answer. You could use a quiz at the end of your traditional training session, but this would not be an accurate assessment of your learners’ skills.

First off, learners could cheat, by sharing answers between each other. They could also choose the right answers the day of the training, but forget everything they learnt two weeks after, due to a lack of practice. Nevertheless, eLearning games enable you to gather accurate data in this regard. Indeed, authoring tool for serious games such as ITyStudio can enable you to export your learning simulations at the SCORM format. When it is done, you can then import it into your Learning Management System, and analyze your learners’ results from this interface. This way, you will be able to provide your boss with a clear and precise answer about the ROI.

ITyStudio: Results for your learners

5. eLearning Games Are Efficient.

Knowledge without action is nothing. That is a matter of fact. This means that, even if you provided a great training to your learners, if they did not apply it into practice right after, about 75% of the information will be forgotten two weeks from now.

Classical eLearning authoring tool are the best way to go if you want to convey knowledge. However, if you are willing to deliver true skills to your learners, eLearning games or serious games are the way to go. This will enable them to first absorb knowledge, and then to apply it directly during their learning simulations. It will enable you to combine knowledge and action, in order to maximize your results.

Ready To Use eLearning Games Into Your Learning Strategy? Take Action!

elearning games

In this article, we shared with you 5 interesting facts and benefits that eLearning games could bring into your organization.

If you are interested in this kind of solutions, you should definitely give ITyStudio a try! This serious games authoring tool contains all the features needed to embrace the advantages listed above. It is easy to use, it is engaging, and, best of all: You can try it for free!

Ready to go to the next level? Claim your 30-day free trial here.

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