5 Ways To Boost Your Workforce Performance With eLearning Authoring Tools

Of course, Instructional Design is the most important part when it comes to training. However, digital learning solutions, such as eLearning authoring tools, could enable you to boost your workforce performance. How eLearning Authoring Tools Will Boost Your Workforce Performance  Learning anywhere, anytime, from any device. Impossible? This might have been the case before, but now possibilities [...]

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5 Tips To Create Educational Games That Drive Results

Creating educational games for work sake is not efficient, and will not bring you any results. In order to truly add value to your learners, there are some tips to respect that can make or break your serious games, and that we will cover in this article. Here is how to create educational games that [...]

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Serious Game Design: 5 Common Misconceptions

Even though serious game design is trending in the corporate training sphere, there are still a lot of misconceptions about it. We will explore 5 of them in this article. 5 Common Misconceptions About Serious Game Design “It would be great to insert some serious game design into our training method, but it is too complicated.” [...]

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8 Advantages Of Integrating An Interactive Training Software In Corporate Training

Quality content. Polished design. Easy navigability. Even if these three ingredients are important in order to make your learning simulations successful, they are nothing without interactivity. While it seems obvious, there are still so many training managers out there doing it the old way: Delivering content, even if valuable, without inserting any interactions. This kind [...]

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9 Tips To Use A Serious Game Authoring Tool Effectively

A serious game authoring tool alone is nothing. When it comes to Instructional Design, the hardest part is not the handle all the technical stuff related to the authoring tool you are using. It is the reflection behind it. Unfortunately, training managers tend to forget it over time, leading to missuses of their authoring tool. [...]

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What Are The Benefits Of Serious Game Development? Featuring 4 Killer Examples

Serious game development is growing. Military, corporate, education, and health care organizations from around the world are enjoying the positive effects that serious game development have had on their organization’s learning needs. Even though this is a matter of fact, some of them are still not confident about this new eLearning trend. If you still [...]

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6 Tips For Serious Game Development For Non-Game Designers

To train more than to entertain: That is the motto of a proper serious game. Indeed, these kinds of training methods have gained undeniable popularity, since institutions, as well as companies, decided to implement them as part of their training programs some years ago. Consequently, a lot of training managers became interested in serious [...]

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