4 Benefits Of A Game-Based Learning Software For Your Company

Game-based learning softwares are great tools to bring engagement and commitment into corporate training. Still skeptical? Read this article to discover the 4 main benefits of using game-based learning software within your training strategy. The Benefits Of A Game-Based Learning Software For Your Company While companies are getting more and more equipped regarding online training, [...]

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Serious Games For Business: 5 Things eLearning Professionals Need To Know

Serious games for business are getting more and more popular in companies. Still, some eLearning professionals might not know all the possibilities provided by this kind of method. Helpful Tips About Serious Games For Business Serious games for business. Or the art of putting knowledge into action, by using agame-based learning platform. But how does [...]

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ITycom innovates and releases the brand new version of its Serious Game authoring tool ITyStudio!

From the rewriting of the entire software to the HTML5 export, ITyStudio has outstanding features to announce for this back-to-school season of 2016. ITycom is proud to announce its brand new release of its Serious Game Authoring Tool ITyStudio, on September, 14th, 2016. With complete optimization, user interface update, tons of new features, such as [...]

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5 Ways To Create Simulation Games: The ITyStudio Case

Even with new technologies, creating simulation games can remain a hustle sometimes: Between costs, technical skills required, and ROI expected, we do not always reach the expected results. In this article, you will discover how ITyStudio can help you in this regard. How To Create Simulation Games With The Serious Game Authoring Tool ITyStudio When [...]

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