6 Tips For Serious Game Development For Non-Game Designers

To train more than to entertain: That is the motto of a proper serious game. Indeed, these kinds of training methods have gained undeniable popularity, since institutions, as well as companies, decided to implement them as part of their training programs some years ago. Consequently, a lot of training managers became interested in serious [...]

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7 Advantages Of Online Training Simulations In Employee Performance

Developing online training simulations may require a significant amount of time and resources, but are they really worth the investment? In this article, I’ll highlight the advantages of using online training simulations to improve on-the-job performance and enhance the productivity of your organization.   How Online Training Simulations Improve Employee Performance Simulations have been [...]

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6 Steps To Create Serious Games With ITyStudio

Text-based eLearning modules, or how to get your employees bored and underperforming, while making trainers / employers frustrated. This is when «Learning by doing» comes into play; thanks to serious games, you can create engaging training modules. You might be wondering: «Ok great, but how do we do to create serious games? Is it [...]

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6 Tips To Create An Efficient Training Simulation With ITyStudio

No matter what the subject is, having those so-called «Aha!» moments is definitely one of the most satisfying experiences you can live as a learner. You know, those moments when you suddenly understand a memorable truth. After all, as a training manager, this is what you aim for: You want your attendees to improve their [...]

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7 Tips To Use 3D Simulations In Online Training

Simulations give your corporate learners the ability to explore real world applications and master complicated tasks without any risk. This is one of the reasons why they have become so popular in recent years, particularly in the online training sector. However, as new technologies emerge, like wearable tech, and authoring tools grow increasingly intuitive, 3D [...]

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4 Tips To Create 2D Simulations With ITyStudio

Enterprise gamification leads companies to move from classical and linear eLearning modules to more interactive training, for instance serious games. In these simulations, you are actually trying to represent real life case scenario for your employees. In a previous article, we discussed how to create engaging 3D simulations with ITyStudio. Even if 3D simulations are [...]

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4 Tips To Create 3D Simulations With ITyStudio

Regardless of our age, playing with simulators (such as flight or driving simulators, stock market investment) and video games (such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Starcraft) usually brings us on the path to experiencing and learning new things. Have you ever wondered why? Well, simply put, if our goal is to win the [...]

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