Focus on the Serious Games Workshops at the Grenoble School of Management with ITyStudio

As part of the training program in human resources for international students, Hélène Michel, a professor at the Grenoble School of Management has conducted a “Serious Game Design” course with ITyStudio, the Serious Game authoring-tool  developed by ITycom.

In connection with the Grenoble School of Management public trust chair, fifteen students, who were divided into three groups, tried to create a Serious Game by developing and incorporating behavioral scenarios with ITyStudio. The purpose of these workshops was to provide game design training in the world of human resources.

The teams covered the theme of confidence. The few external partners, who were present, submitted the case study topic to the students.

Nicolas Mériau, who participated in the event in order to  receive the ” Serious Game Designer Certificate ” offered us the following testimony :

“It is an authoring tool which is user-friendly, most students became familiar with the tool and the obtained results were very interesting »

One week to make a Serious Game is the challenge that the Grenoble School of Management students accepted.

Yann Teyssier, ITycom CEO, attended the students’ dissertation defense

“For non-experts in screenwriting and without any experience with ITyStudio, they have achieved a promising result”.

Indeed, participants had to become familiar with the tool, determine the scenario and create the entire Serious Game within 5 days.

Confidence, a significant HR issue in companies, was explored from different aspects:

  • Confidence in relationships
  • Confidence in one’s employer
  • Confidence in one’s sector of activity

After the students chose their topic, the evaluation was subsequently based on the 8 analytical approaches determined according to educational priorities.

These analytical approaches made it possible to attribute points to the learner according to the proposals that they chose throughout the program. This evaluation was fully customizable during the design phase and was then automatically available to the learner at the end of the module. In addition, personalized feedback was provided with each analytical approach according to the score obtained.

The MSC International students presented their different Serious Games as part of the oral defense, here are the illustrations:


And you can even try it for free…

 ITyStudio, a Serious Game authoring-tool, allows you to create :

  • Situations, behavioral simulations
  • Software or technical training programs
  • Games with interactive maps

Intuitive and easy to use, our tool is for organizations and companies from any sector who wish to optimize their training processes.


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