ITyStudio: A Game-Based Learning Platform To Create eLearning Games

When speaking to our leads, we often hear the same painful problem from Training Managers: «Only 10% of our workforce completed the training they are supposed to take on the Learning Management System». Then, they all pretty much have the same explanations: «The completion is low because the content is not engaging». Consequently, they are [...]

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10 Tips To Create Learning Simulations For Non-Game Designers

At the first glance, creating learning simulations seems really appealing: This is about catching most of learners’ attention, this is about interactivity, this is about new trends… Everything is like a fairy tale until… You actually try to make one!Creating the graphical environment (setting up your backgrounds, your characters), as well as creating your pedagogical [...]

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5 Tips To Employ Serious Games In Online Training

How To Employ Serious Games In Online Training: 5 Tips For eLearning Professionals Everyone enjoys a good online game, but how can you design online games that go beyond pure entertainment to offer your corporate learners real world value? In this article, I will explore the topic of serious games in online training and [...]

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How To Build Powerful Serious Games: The ITyStudio Case

Training programs that shift from text-based eLearning to “Learning by doing” is a dream come true for employers / trainers who are frustrated with underperforming employees.  How do we engage employees in a serious eLearning game? Simple. A storyline with characters, combined with a great authoring-tool! Build Powerful Serious Gamesus-games-in-online-training/ With ITyStudio By definition, [...]

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