eLearning Games: 5 Facts That Will Impress Your Boss

Return On Investment. Skills Improvement. These kind of words are the ones that your boss is looking for. However, they might not know the last solutions and technologies that could help them reach their objectives; here are 5 outstanding facts about eLearning games that will definitely impress them. How To Impress Your Boss With eLearning [...]

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5 Ways To Boost Your Workforce Performance With A Game-Based Learning Platform

Low engagement rate. Expensive costs. Non user-friendly authoring tools. We tend to hear these sentences a lot in the mouth of our leads. Nevertheless, when they are introduced to a game-based learning platform, they often change their mind, and are eager to start using this new tool to the best of its ability. In this [...]

5 Ways Behavioral Learning Can Transform Your eLearning Course

Product knowledge. Sales. Marketing. These are basic skills you always want to assess in your training simulations. However, they do not enable you to understand what is inside your learners’ mind, and how they see the world, their customers, the company. Knowing that about 90% of our choices are made based on emotions, this is [...]

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