5 Ways Behavioral Learning Can Transform Your eLearning Course

Product knowledge. Sales. Marketing. These are basic skills you always want to assess in your training simulations. However, they do not enable you to understand what is inside your learners’ mind, and how they see the world, their customers, the company. Knowing that about 90% of our choices are made based on emotions, this is [...]

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6 Pros Of Learning Simulations

Employees working out at different time zones. Information retention. Consistency. Cost-effectiveness. ROI measurement. These are the challenges faced by trainers and employers in their everyday life. What if you could solve these hustles by embracing the potential of learning simulations? The Advantages Of Learning Simulations As the percentage of millennials rises in the workforce, the use [...]

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5 Things About Learning Simulations Your Boss Wants To Know

Learning simulations. Serious Games. eLearning. Digital Learning. These words seem common nowadays, right? This might be the case if you are the training manager of a digitally driven company. However, for some CEOs, the concepts listed above are inappropriate to a proper learning organization. Are you a training manager yourself? Do you have to fight [...]

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10 Tips To Create Learning Simulations For Non-Game Designers

At the first glance, creating learning simulations seems really appealing: This is about catching most of learners’ attention, this is about interactivity, this is about new trends… Everything is like a fairy tale until… You actually try to make one!Creating the graphical environment (setting up your backgrounds, your characters), as well as creating your pedagogical [...]

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