4 Benefits Of A Game-Based Learning Software For Your Company

Game-based learning softwares are great tools to bring engagement and commitment into corporate training. Still skeptical? Read this article to discover the 4 main benefits of using game-based learning software within your training strategy. The Benefits Of A Game-Based Learning Software For Your Company While companies are getting more and more equipped regarding online training, [...]

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4 Things eLearning Professionals Need To Know About Games For Learning

Games for learning are trendy, but few people are aware of their real added value in corporate training. Everything eLearning Professionals Should Know About Games For Learning Learning through digital mediums. That is a great progress in terms of training methods for organizations. Today, the trend is more about games for learning, and how they enable [...]

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SCORM Compliant Authoring Tools: 5 Killer Features

Assessing your learners’ results can often be a hustle. Fortunately, SCORM compliant authoring tools have some nice features that can help you in this regard. SCORM Compliant Authoring Tools: 5 Features Your Boss Wants To Know Do you know how to measure the efficiency of your training simulations? Indeed, you can insert quizzes and analyze how [...]

6 Ways To Create Meaningful And Engaging eLearning Games: The ITyStudio Case

From a technical and pedagogical point of view, creating engaging eLearning games can be complicated. You will find in this article your blueprint to successful eLearning games, as well as an easy-to-use and affordable authoring tool to reach your goals. How To Create Meaningful And Engaging eLearning Games With ITyStudio How can you create engaging [...]

Games For Corporate Training: What eLearning Professionals Need To Know

Boredom. That should be your enemy number one when it comes to learning simulations. Fortunately, games for corporate training can be your best allies in this battle, should you know the right methods to use it in an optimal way. Why Games For Corporate Training Are Vital For eLearning Professionals Are you looking for new [...]

5 Ways To Boost Your Workforce Performance With A Game-Based Learning Platform

Low engagement rate. Expensive costs. Non user-friendly authoring tools. We tend to hear these sentences a lot in the mouth of our leads. Nevertheless, when they are introduced to a game-based learning platform, they often change their mind, and are eager to start using this new tool to the best of its ability. In this [...]

6 Benefits Of Web Authoring Tools For Your Company

In a digital and cloud-based world, companies still tend to work the old way. A lot of trainers are still using traditional authoring tools, locally saved into their desktop. Even though this is a great way to work, trends are evolving: It is now time to move to web authoring tools. As it might sound [...]

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ITyStudio: A Game-Based Learning Platform To Create eLearning Games

When speaking to our leads, we often hear the same painful problem from Training Managers: «Only 10% of our workforce completed the training they are supposed to take on the Learning Management System». Then, they all pretty much have the same explanations: «The completion is low because the content is not engaging». Consequently, they are [...]

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